Mobile breakdown service


Staff members of the UGent can contact the mobile breakdown servic of npo studentENmobiliteit.

The message about bad luck can:

-either via this contact form: it is important to fill out the contact form completely (definitely a telephone/mobile number where you can be reached are) You must give a clear description of the problem. e.g.: rear flat tire- bike with 6 speed - wheel size 28 "

-either by sending a sms to 0471.70.71.70 You reports for sure: your name, workplace and the nature of the problem  (e.g. flat tire...)
Do your request befor 9 AM (you need to sing inbefore 9 AM),  assistance will receive the same day. Just before the technician leaves in the morning (read around 9 hours) he will contact you. Are you at that time not reachable by phone, the technician will not come - you should then fill in a new application for the next day.

-It may also be that there are too many calls at one moment, then we will come the next day.

-Staff members who are  time after time not accessible will have to go to a bike repair center for help.

Check the calendar so you know when we are closed.
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